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Summer Camp Themed Cookie Dessert Bar

August 31, 2010

We had the great privilege of being invited to be a vendor at a fabulous fundraiser for Camp Arroyo in Livermore, CA run by The Taylor Family Foundation.  Vendors throughout the Bay Area come together to form a tasty epicurean ensemble.  Donors have the opportunity to bid on auction items, purchase raffle tickets for superb prizes, and mingle all while enjoying great local food and wine.

When I heard about this event I couldn’t stop thinking about all the memories that Summer Camp brings.  The smell of the outdoors, the zip lines, the campfires, the bugs, and most of all laughing with friends hysterically.  We set out to create a “summer camp” themed cookie dessert bar.  Pardon the poor photography.  I had to use the camera phone because I forgot to charge the batteries in the real camera.

Custom Cookie Dessert Bar

Summer Camp Themed Cookie Dessert Bar

In order to give the cookie table a rustic feeling we used a burlap table covering, and created cookie platters using real tree stumps.

Custom Cookie Dessert Bar Teepe and Flower Details

Summer Camp Themed Cookie Dessert Bar Teepe and Flower Details

Custom Dessert Cookie Table Details

Summer Camp Themed Cookie Table Details

When I think of summer camp, I think of kids crafting all kinds of fun things with popsicle sticks, magic markers, twigs, pipe cleaners, and the likes.  So, we couldn’t stop ourselves when it came time to put together some fun kid’s crafts.  Those pipe cleaner bugs turned out to be harder then they look! I couldn’t stop laughing when I couldn’t figure out how to attach the wings.  I apparently don’t think like a 5 year old.

Custom Cookie Table Bugs and Birdhouses

Summer Camp Themed Cookie Table Bugs and Birdhouses

The twigs helped us to hold up the flavor indicators so that people could easily identify their favorite cookie.  We had chocolate chip, snickerdoodles, oatmeal raisin, and peanut butter pecan on hand for the day.  To my surprise, the snickerdoodle cookie was the hands down favorite of the day, flying off the stump at an alarming rate.

Custom Cookie Dessert Bar with Flowers Provided by Alamo Flower Company

Summer Camp Themed Cookie Dessert Bar Flowers in Mason Jars

The lovely floral arrangements used bright, casually arranged flowers, in mason jars to help give the table an added outdoor element.  Alamo Flower Company kindly donated all of the beautiful arrangements to help spruce up the dessert table.

We sure had a fun time out there feeding 1100 hungry souls from our cookie dessert table.  We certainly got a lot of nice comments and it sure is fun seeing how something so simple like a cookie can make people so darn happy.  🙂

What are your fondest memories of Summer Camp?