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What Wearing Glasses Taught Me

June 24, 2010

We all know kids can be cruel.  Not cruel because they’re malicious, but because they’re straight up honest.  They have a thought, good or bad, and it comes straight out their mouth in some of the most shocking ways sometimes.

I got my first pair of glasses when I was in 3rd grade.  Glasses back then were the heavy plastic frames and thick coke bottle lenses.  And, for some reason, the kids glasses somehow managed to engulf your entire face even though they were supposedly designed for kids with smaller faces.

I sat in the back of Mrs. Deichman’s class unable to read the chalkboard.  I was so ashamed and embarrassed to have these giant purple face eaters covering my eyes that I kept them stored in my desk drawer.  Whenever I needed to read the chalkboard, I’d slump down close to my desk drawer, pull out my glasses, hold them up, read the board, then quickly throw them back into the drawer.  All because of the sing song taunting from the other kids that would devastate any 8 year old… “Four Eyes” “Coke Bottles” “Neener Neener”.

Thankfully for me.  I got contacts the next year and what seemed to be the endless taunting finally stopped.  I was cool again.

This is why we’ve chosen to donate the proceeds from our latest Ice Cream Sandwich Bar Extravaganza to The Taylor Family Foundation.  Because they are helping kids with real ailments, not just fixable cosmetic issues, like glasses.  They enable kids with special needs to go to camp with other kids just like them.  The kids don’t have to hear “normal” kids ask them “why do you look like that?” or “what’s that for?” and other questions that little inquiring minds need to  know.  The kids get to go to camp and “just be kids.”

What were you taunted for as a kid?