Lessons from Dad

My dad is a man that does not sit still and gets bored easily.  He is a man on a mission to solve all household problems. Anything that may require a tweak, a hammer, a screw, a saw, etc… he’s on it.  My dad was born an engineer, he was put on this planet to solve the worlds most quizzical toilet issues, to unstick the stickiest doorknobs, mend broken doors, sledgehammer failing concrete, and the list goes on. *My dad taught me how to fix things*

When I was a kid I used to love  tearing up the streets on my big wheel.  One day, I managed to catch my toe in the wheel and blood was everywhere.  At least, that’s the drama my 5 yr old mind remembers.  My dad picked me up and took me up to the bathroom, sat me on the counter, and mended me.  *My dad taught me to be strong, all things will heal*

One day my dad was backing up The Van out of the garage, and I decided to push the garage door remote at that exact same moment.  Sure enough, a loud crack, and we see my dad has driven through the garage door thanks to me.  I quickly chucked the remote and sat in fear of the beating I was about to receive.  But, I was shocked when my dad just simply said “Oh no!” and then proceeded to fix the door. *My dad taught me forgiveness*

When I was a kid my parents never wanted me to get a job.  They always told me “There’s plenty of time in life to work, enjoy not working.”  Even though I wasn’t able to earn any money, my dad always made sure I could do whatever I wanted to. He also took us on endless vacations that became nauseating as a kid, but as I reflect back, I’m thankful for. *My dad taught me to enjoy life*

My dad was just here for a visit.  He’s “retired.”  But I wanted to know when he’s planning on “really retiring”, meaning no more calls in the middle of the night, no more jetting off to take care of business, just sitting down and enjoying life.  He told me, “when you stop working and stop doing things, you do nothing and you’re just waiting to die.” *My dad taught me work ethics*

Thanks Dad, for all of the constant life lessons past, present, and future.

What lessons has your Dad taught you?



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