The Magic of the Market

There’s something about the Farmer’s Markets that I absolutely love.  If all I wanted was locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables, I would just order up a CSA box.  But the markets mark the start of summer for me.  They’re nostalgic of times where people stopped and talked to each other, even if they’re perfect strangers.

It’s unfortunate that a lot of markets have turned into big businesses that are more interested in the churn and burn of making big bucks.  But, it really does make me appreciate the small markets where I can freely walk around.  Take the time to talk to vendors.  And enjoy being outdoors in the sunshine with my husband.

This year is the first time I’ve ever been a vendor at a market, and I find myself eager to go back every week.  What I love is seeing familiar faces every week and learning who loves what.  Meeting the new folks who have just discovered the San Ramon Farmer’s Market.  And seeing the kids’ eyes light up as they walk by our booth.

The bottom line is, I love watching the people. It’s not like shopping at a box store, where a lot of families are stressed to find “something” and hurry out.   At the market, people are happy.  Families are enjoying each others company.  Everyone moves at a slower pace.  It’s refreshing.

What are some of your favorite local markets?


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