Shop Local

I’ve recently come across The 3/50 Project.  Since starting The Cookie Drop, I’ve learned to appreciate the struggles that come with a small business, so this is an idea that I can really get on board with.

The idea is simple.  Support your local brick and mortars because those businesses are key to improving your community.  These are the folks that are funneling funds right back into the local community through property taxes, sales tax, salaries, and all of their volunteer efforts.  C’mon now, how many times have you gone into a local shop to ask for donations for the local school auctions, etc..  but you really have never shopped there?

Since we’ve started, we’ve been making a real effort to partner up with some of the local businesses in the Tri-Valley area. You’ll occasionally find our cookies at Thriving Ink and Roman Holiday Salon in Pleasanton. In addition, you’ll be able to sample, and pick up cookies at The Alamo Flower Company in Alamo.  Over time, we hope to create even more partnerships with the local brick and mortars!

What stores will you be supporting?


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