Being Silly

There’s nothing like a good belly laugh in life.  One that has tears streaming down your face, your gut aches, and you may even begin snorting.

In case you missed it, this past weekend was the No Pants! Subway Ride.  Cities across the nation gather folks to hop on the local mass transit system sans pants.  The trick is, you have to do it with a straight face.  I have to admit, I could never partake in this because 1.  I get cold easily and 2. I’d probably be laughing hysterically, especially if someone went to stand up and their thighs stuck to the seat.

I had a good laugh this morning because as I was leaving the pool all the older ladies from the water aerobics class were also leaving.  The parking lot was full of middle aged women dressed in bathrobes, and I just couldn’t stop laughing at the site.

I just started thinking how funny it is that one event was planned silliness and the other, well, was just people being silly unbeknownst to themselves.  Either way, I had a really good belly laugh, and that makes me happy.

What gives you a good belly laugh?


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