No More Monday Blues

Welcome back to Monday.  Not just any Monday, this is the momentous Monday that marks the end of the holiday season and begins a new year.  The one Monday that people seem to dread more then most.  I think for most people, Mondays are the jolt back into reality that reminds them that work is work.

I’ve noticed since I’ve started The Cookie Drop, all the days are the same for me.  I no longer fear Mondays because I no longer have Mondays.  Everyday is a workday, but everyday comes with new challenges and new learning.  I’m excited again.

Many of us sit and dream, but sometimes you have to just leap and make a change.  Granted, you have to leap when the time is right.  For me, 2009 was my time.  I’m finally doing something I truly enjoy, something that takes away the Mondays.

What would you do to take away the Mondays?


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