Have Yourself a Green Holiday

Here at The Cookie Drop, we do our best to be green.  Here are just a few of the steps we’ve taken to do our best to be good citizens of the planet:

  • Whenever possible, we work with green suppliers who also care about making a difference.
  • Our packaging boxes are recyclable, the ribbons are 100% cotton and compostable, and the bakery paper is also compostable.  And, of course, the cookies are edible!  We leave no trace behind!
  • We compost and recycle!  We haul out our egg shells, butter wrappers, and any other food scraps that we end up with.  We even compost the paper towels we use to clean the kitchen and our hands.  And of course, we recycle everything we can from the packaging that our supplies come in.
  • We thrift!  You can find us scouring the aisles at thrift stores in search of baking equipment ranging from spatulas to mixing bowls.  We believe in re-using whenever possible.
  • Our kitchen utilizes solar energy to help offset some of the energy we use to produce deliciousness.

While nobody is perfect, we do try our best to be green citizens.  So, of course, we were excited to see that folks in Portland, Oregon can rent a living Christmas tree for the holidays!  What a fantastic idea!  The trees are slightly more expensive then buying a tree from a lot, but it seems like the difference is worth it.  Hopefully we’ll see these shops popping up everywhere sooner then later!

What things do you do to be green?


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