Monday Cookie Poll

Everyone always seems to dread Monday’s.  Especially during the cold and dreary winters, Monday’s seem to come just a little to quick.  So, lets start this Monday off with some fun and talk about cookies!

What’s your favorite beverage accompaniment with your cookie?

I just love starting off the cold winter mornings with a cookie and a hot cup of coffee.  That’s what’s on my desk right now!  What’s on your desk?


3 Responses to “Monday Cookie Poll”

  1. DrFaulken Says:

    Coffee for me, too! I particularly like having black coffee with a dark chocolate chip cookie. 🙂

  2. Lisa F Says:

    Have to drink milk with my cookies!

    I’ve got tea and a mandarin orange on my desk among the many stacks of papers and binders as I’m trying to catch up on work!

  3. caroline Says:

    hot chocolate!!!

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